Scrivnomatic, for the Win

Some people have asked how I create point-perfect PDF compiles in Scrivener. Simply put, I use Scrivomatic. This capability allows me to use LaTeX to format my books. I started using LaTeX in law school back in 2006. At some point, I will make the underlying LaTeX file available to a wider audience. In the meantime, look at …
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Hyperlegible, a Font for the Ages?

I’m taking a break from my planned six-week updates, and my regular writing, to mention an awesome new font. Years ago, I started a program in my organization to improve the Accessibility of our internally developed software. It warms my heart when something comes out that promotes Accessibility. A new Accessibility font, …
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Roadmap for 2023

Welcome to the seventh heartbeat of 2022. In the next couple of weeks, Scintilla, the fourth book of the Postal Marines, will be re-released. This caps my prior year’s writing effort. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about getting these books out of my mind and into print. I know y’all don’t …
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Join Postal Marines

Eighteen years in the making, the first four novels of the Postal Marines are coming soon to an Amazon near you. The idea for the Postal Marines started in 2004, and I started plotting and writing in 2006. That includes rough plots for sixteen novels, grouped into four quartets. The first quartet is in the can. I will release …
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Heartbeat: July 2022

Welcome to the fifth heartbeat of 2022. As promised, every six weeks I update you on my progress. This one is a few days later as I lost track of my schedule. My goal is to finish the first four books of the Postal Marines series by November 2022. Why then? Because the annual 20 Books to 50K Vegas Conference is then. At the end …
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Heartbeat: June 2022

Later than promised, this is the fourth heartbeat. Every six weeks, I’ll send another update as I finish and release the first Postal Marines quartet by 3 November 2022. Why later? I skipped the May heartbeat. This should be the fifth heartbeat. A change in the website. Before we go much further, I should announce a major change …
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