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Ben Wilson


Sometimes your only option is the worst one. During the crucial moment of the Imperial Election, a clandestine organization gives operative Jonaldy Ammonett an assignment that will restore the balance of power. Problem? He has failed every operation so far. He partners with Bophendze in what becomes a suicide mission. Can Jonaldy succeed just once in his life?

Selected Passage

“Why am I finding myself in postal brigs?” Jonaldy lay on his back on the top bunk, staring at the annoyingly bland paint.

“I know, right? I was in this brig not too long ago.”

Jonaldy looked at Bophendze, who sat like a robot on the brig’s bench. Bophendze stared straight ahead, oblivious to Jonaldy’s movement. “Is that what was going on when we met?”

Bophendze shifted to a more natural posture and looked at Jonaldy. He breathed …